New product and DS4014 Sale

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One of our founders was working on a personal project to build a Nelson Pass Class A amplifier design and in the process realized the baseplate that came with the off-the-shelf 2U 300mm deep chassis bowed considerably under the weight of the components required by the design. That led to the creation of a heavy-duty baseplate and a short production run, the remainder of which are being sold right here in our online store. We only have a few of these left so if you're interested grab one (or two) before they're gone.

In advance of some upcoming high speed work we purchased a new oscilloscope for the lab so our original scope, a Rigol DS4014 100 Mhz 4 Channel unit is being sold. It comes with all the original accessories included with the scope, trial licenses that are still active (it's almost a crime to call this a "used"'s that new), and it will ship to any address in the Lower 48 states for free in the original Rigol heavy-duty shipping materials. This is a great first (or second) scope. We're not a Rigol dealer and we're not planning on selling any more of these so when this is gone, it's gone. Grab it before you're too late!

Posted in Announcements, Products on Dec 18, 2015