Reflow Oven Control Panel

A custom panel designed for the Controleo2 reflow oven controller.

Product Description

This custom control panel is designed to aid the installation of the Controleo2 Reflow Oven Controller manufactured by in an Oster Convection Oven, Model Number TSSTTVDGXL-SHP. However, with customization it could be used in other ovens. This part is manufactured exclusively for Aileron Labs and is available now in limited quantity.

Mechanical Details

The part is manufactured from 2.4mm (0.090") thick 6061-T6 aluminum and provided with a bare, brushed finish that can be painted by the customer prior to installation or left as is.

The dimensions of all mounting holes are designed for common M3 hardware that can be purchased from McMaster, among other suppliers. Standoffs between 8 and 10mm are recommended to mount the Controleo2 to the panel so the LCD frame is flush with the panel face and the buttons protrude sufficiently for ease of operation.

An additional hole is provided for an Eaton 7580K6 AC-rated switch (or an equivalent) that can be used to control the convection fan.

The Controleo2 is programmed through its USB port. During the reflow process this port serves as the controller console and outputs statistics that may be helpful during initial setup or development. The panel was therefore designed to accommodate a panel mount Micro B USB extension cable.

Technical Advisory

The Controleo2's LCD panel is retained by a metal frame that is connected to DC ground. This metal frame must be electrically insulated from the panel. This can be accomplished by placing insulating tape (Kapton or equivalent) around the frame. Failure to do this may result in undesired LCD operation.

To see the original implementation of this panel and the genesis for its design click here.

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