TPIC2810 Development Board

An evaluation board based on the Texas Instruments TPIC2810 LED Driver IC

Product Description

In testing and shipping soon.

The TPIC2810 Development Board is designed by Aileron Labs to facilitate evaluation of the Texas Instruments TPIC2810 8 Bit LED Driver IC.

The TPIC2810 allows I2C control of up to eight (8) LEDs, implemented in the form of four (4) 1206 size bicolor red/green LEDs. Three of the LED packages are fitted under a Dialight 515-1108F vertical lightpipe while the remaining LED package is placed on the board to be used for other purposes. When both LEDs in a package are turned on a pleasant and rich orange color is produced, making this ideal for a "warning" indication.

The power supply input (3.3-5.0 VDC) is connected to the board through a two position terminal block, and is filtered by two capacitors. If using a well-filtered bench supply the input capacitors are optional. Additional local decoupling is provided near the IC as recommended by the datasheet.

A two position terminal block provides for a connection to the I2C bus driven by a microcontroller or other device. Each of the IC's I2C address selector pins are tied to a 3 position vertical header which can jumpered to tie the pin to Vcc or Ground, making it possible to connect up to six development boards to a single I2C bus. A fourth header provides a means to connect a logic analyzer to the I2C SDA and SCL signals as well as a local ground connection essential for signal integrity.

On the fully assembled version all LEDs are biased at 20mA. Note that the 3D depiction shows LEDs with a green lens. This is an artifact of the 3D model we used. In reality the lenses on the assembled product are clear.

The assembled board comes equipped with 2.2k I2C pullup resistors. If more than one board is to be integrated on the same I2C bus the resistors on all but one board must be removed. If the driving circuit or microcontroller board provides the pull up resistors then the resistors on all development boards in the system must be removed. This is easily achieved with a pencil iron and a pair of tweezers. A hot air rework station is neither required nor recommended.


This product is available in two forms:

  • Fully Assembled: All components are soldered in place and the board is operationally tested. The board is mounted to four female M3x0.5 threaded hex aluminum standoffs. Choose this option if you need to begin development quickly.

  • PCB Only: The bare PCB is provided with no parts. This option is best for those who wish to build the board using custom or on-hand components. Note that the PCB is FR4 with a Tg of 170C. Proper soldering process control is required to prevent damage to the board, particularly for lead-free applications.

Soldermask color may vary on either variant. While blue is shown, green and purple are also typical.


An external DC power supply (not provided) capable of between 3.0 and 5.5 VDC and 180mA assuming the LEDs are provisioned to consume no more than 20mA each.

Terms of Sale

This board is for development purposes only and has not been tested to conform with any applicable safety or EMC regulations. Inclusion in a finished product is expressly prohibited.

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$14 Bare PCB Only

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