Desktop Speaker Stand (DSS1)

Aileron Labs Exclusive Desktop Speaker Stand (Pair)

Product Description

The Aileron Labs Desktop Speaker Stand (DSS1) correctly positions small bookshelf speakers to obtain ideal imaging in a typical desktop listening environment such as a computer workstation or studio. The stands are designed and manufactured in the USA using rugged 3mm plate steel, and finished with a beautiful, resilient, non-reflective, non-smudging, fine-textured black powdercoat.

A small retaining lip on the rear of the stand platform helps to align the rear face of the speaker with the stand and prevents the speaker from sliding off the rear of the stand. Note that some speakers designed to be wall-mounted (the Polk TSI100 for example) may be equipped with plastic or rubber standoffs mounted low on the rear face. These standoffs may need to be removed to ensure they do not conflict with the retaining lip.

Faces that contact the speaker and desktop surfaces are lined with a special thin (1mm) foam tape that protects the mating surfaces. This foam also provides the unique and useful function of lightly bonding with the mating surfaces after extended contact (> 24 hours). This helps couple the speaker to the stand and the stand to the desktop surface. In turn this keeps the speakers correctly positioned and less likely to fall off either the stand or the desk if disturbed. The notable exception to this being the AudioEngine A5+ which comes equipped with a sheet of foam adhered to its base. Put simply, this foam doesn't stick to our foam.


  • Width: 150mm/6"
  • Depth (Overall): 180mm/7"
  • Depth (Platform): 165mm/6.5"
  • Pitch (Platform): 5 degrees
  • Rear Retaining Lip Height: 17mm/0.65"
  • Maximum rated weight: 15Kg/33lbs


As with everything in audio the setup matters. We tested the stands with a variety of speakers, and late in our design phase one of our engineers purchased a pair of AudioEngine A5+ for his work environment. Eager to listen to them and lacking any free stands within arms reach he placed the speakers directly on the desktop. None of us were that impressed to be honest, but we knew why. A few days later additional prototype stands arrived and the first thing we did was put them under the A5+. The word to describe the difference? Transformational.

In fact, we were so impressed with this speaker, once it was positioned correctly, that we bought a pair for each engineering workstation. It wasn't exactly the cheapest way to go but more reasonable when amortized over many 12+ hour work days. Work hard, play hard, as they say.

The ideal setup for us turned out to consist of:

  1. A desktop height of 0.73m/29"
  2. A seating position that places the ear at 1.14m/45" off the floor
  3. Speakers whose cabinets were roughly 28cm/11" in height
  4. Speakers whose tweeters were positioned near the top of the baffle.

Fitment Guide

We recommend speakers whose width is at least 150mm (6") and depth is at least 170mm (6.7"). This is to ensure that the speaker matches or overlaps the speaker stand platform dimensions. In terms of width this is mostly a cosmetic issue and thus subjective, but in terms of depth it is important that the baffle extend to or beyond the front of the platform so as to not encourage production of the reflections the stand was designed to reduce.

Below is a list of speakers we have evaluated personally (in our labs and/or through examination of the manufacturer's specifications), or through feedback from our customers. We classify each speaker in terms of fitment grade as follows:

  • Good: The DSS1 is a good match and recommended for this application.
  • Fair: The DSS1 may be used in this application but select factors exclusive of acoustics may be objectionable to the user.
  • Poor: Due to dimensions, weight or detrimental effects on acoustics we do not recommend the DSS1 for this application.

If the speaker you've selected is classified as "Poor" we recommend selecting another speaker that will work with the DSS1. If you don't see your speaker on this list chances are quite good that if it meets the minimum recommended dimensions in length and width it will work nicely with the DSS1. If in doubt, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you arrive at a solution that works.

Speaker Fitment Grade Comments
AudioEngine A5+ Good In use in our labs!
Polk Tsi100 Good In use in our labs!
AudioEngine HD6 Good Customer feedback
M-Audio BX5 Carbon Good Customer feedback
Paradigm SHIFT A2 Good Customer feedback
M-Audio AV42 Fair Does not overhang in Width
M-Audio AV32 Poor Does not overhang in Length or Width
AudioEngine A2 Poor Does not overhang in Length or Width

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