Keratherm 86/82 Insulation

Keratherm Insulation Cut to Order

Product Description

Manufactured in Germany by Kerafol, Keratherm 86/82 is a top-quality thermal conductor and electrical insulator typically used between silicon devices and heatsinks in any application where thermal losses must be minimized and the heatsink must be isolated from the potential typically present on the mounting pad of the device for safety reasons.

Thinking of sticking with simple mica and grease? Consider that if you're experimenting and need to remove the devices from the heatsink several times you'll probably make a mess and then have to reapply the thermal compound to achieve the design performance, while Keratherm can be easily removed and reused with no measureable degradation in performance. We do it all the time in the lab. Mostly because we experiment, and occasionally, make mistakes.

Thinking of a similar product from a competitor? Make sure you take a look at the specifications.

When used in Class A or high bias Class AB audio amplifier applications where high power dissipation and thus large heatsinks are necessary, using Keraterm may save considerable cost as the interface between device and heatsink is more effective, the overall thermal resistance is lower and therefore the size of the heatsink can be reduced and yet keep the device junction temperature within design specifications.

Keratherm 86/82 is constructed with a fiberglass mesh. The material can be cut with common shears or with a sharp razor blade provided the material is placed on a hard surface. If small holes are required to accommodate the device mounting hardware a common leather punch works well. We do not recommend drilling through the material to create the needed holes.

Terms of Sale

Heatsinks, chassis, PCBs and other components shown in photos not included.

Ships to US Domestic Addresses Only

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$18 per unit

Plus applicable sales tax and standard shipping charges.

One unit is 10 square inches cut to 2x5 inches.

Note: Custom cuts and larger uncut pieces are available with purchase of 3 units (30 square inches) or more. Contact us with your requirements prior to ordering.